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Thanks for reblogging my SFX makeup! I am terribly hard on myself over my passion and so its quite lovely to see my favourite online author (I say online because... Reddit) reblog them and "show support" if you will. :) So thanks! :D

Yuuuuup. I thought they were rad.

Real artists ship.

Transcript from the Book of Rover (Part 1)

  • 1:“This is the beginning, you know?”
  • 2:Beginning of what? Did you see the size of that thing?
  • 1:“Of course I saw it. Half of it is stuck to the heel of my boot.”
  • 2:Beginning of what?
  • 1:“The end? I don’t know. Something.”
  • 2:Wait, where are you going?
  • 1:“I have to get to Houston.”
  • 2:What’s in Houston?
  • 1:“My girlfriend.”
  • 2:Your girlfriend, huh? You never said anything about a girlfriend.
  • 1:“I don’t really like bringing my social life to the workplace, you know?”
  • 2:I mean, I guess, but didn’t you have a thing with—
  • 1:“No. Never.”
  • 2:You didn’t even let me finish.
  • 1:“I didn’t need to.”
  • 2:Okay, fine. So we’re going downtown.
  • 1:“We?”
  • 2:Are you crazy? I’m not staying here. You saw that thing.
  • 1:“Fine. Let’s go I guess.”
  • 2:Gee. Thanks. So what did you mean by the beginning?
  • 1:“Look at that building. Notice anything?”
  • 2:No.
  • 1:“Look at the windows. Look hard.”
  • 2:I don’t see anything. What are you—oh. Oh Jesus what is that?
  • 1:“I don’t know, but it’s in every window. Look at the building to the right of it.”
  • 2:It’s only half full.
  • 1:“But it was only on the ground floor an hour ago.”
  • 2:God, look at how fast it’s moving. Can you—JESUS!
  • 1:“Was that?”
  • 2:Yeah, someone jumped off the roof.
  • 1:“There goes another. Why are they jumping?”
  • 2:It’s probably the only way to escape.
  • 1:“I wonder what happens when they hook into someone.”
  • 2:Look at the exit ramp of the parking garage. See it?
  • 1:“That’s... I’m gonna be sick.”
  • 2:Are they eating his face?
  • 1:“I said I was going to be—”
  • 2:Sick. Present tense and all over my fucking shoes. Thanks.
  • 1:“Shut up. I’m leaving.”
  • 2:Where are you parked?
  • 1:“On the corner. Pay meter. I only came in today to turn in my resignation.”
  • 2:Why?
  • 1:“Sharla’s pregnant and her father offered me a job with his company. It pays twice what this one does.”
  • 2:So we’re going to pick up your pregnant girlfriend?
  • 1:“Yes. We are.”
  • 2:And then where?
  • 1:“I don’t know. Anywhere these things aren’t spreading?”
  • 2:Great.

The Rover Checklist


A dagger, the Book of Rover, the heat suit on your back, and a pair of binoculars.

That’s all you get.

No food; no water.

Rovers are sent out as soon as Coronation concludes with a single all-important task.

After Coronation, I remember walking away from the compound, tears flooding my eyes and making it hard to see the direction in which I was walking. The brown gravel blurred in a muddy mess.

East I was headed. That was where the old maps claimed Louis Anna could be found.

My second day out, I reread the transcript that always scared me from the Book of Rover.

I’ll use the Chat function on the Taker to format it. I still hope that the Chat function will eventually allow me to talk to others out here.

Anyways, after I read that transcript, the size of the world around me threatened to overwhelm me. It spoke of giant buildings and the first evolution of the things which now call this world home. Maybe they were originally from here, maybe they came later. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is completing my task and making it to Louis Anna.

The vision is beginning to return to my right eye. It’s a little hazy though. I hope that’s only temporary.

Also, the little square box with the funny X at the center now has a white 1 framed in red. I tapped it, but the only thing there was a single question mark with a giant black horizontal bar beneath the words. I hit the trash can symbol as a single question mark is pointless. The white one framed in red disappeared.

Taker, are you one of the fabled smart devices that were rumored to exist before the fall?