Okay, honestly I started following you at random and I seemed to have entered a fandom and I think your writing looks really cool and all that but I'm slightly confused as to where I can find your works (don't see them on barnes and nobles) so I can join this little family.
Hi! I want to narrate your Reddit series (which is, by the way, REMARKABLE), but the song you have linked in "The Coin and the Pencil Box," has been removed by YouTube. Do you happen to remember what song it was? Thank you!


It’s “First Movement” by Clint Mansell off the “Last Night” OST.

Anonymous asked:
Well Bloodworth's pictures are generally vintage photos of a more innocent nature with creepy stories added. I'm not sure if he posts sources on his scary fiction website but reverse image search suggests that photo is similar, probably an archeology dig of some sort. If you like creepy stuff you'd probably like his other stories. www X iambloodworth X com/category/stories-with-teeth/ They are all fictional but entertaining.


thank you a lot! :)


MY FIRST HORROR OVERLOAD OF OCTOBER IS HERE so i watched all of mh last night/:this morning and then i listened to spooky scary audio stories and then i read. smth im too ashamed to mention here and jesse was like LETS READ BLOODWORTH TOGETHER :D and i noped completely out of the house